Play Badminton Club Tree Planting

Helping create a sustainable and greener future for all

Trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment.

It is well documented that global warming is happening at a faster rate than ever. Polar ice caps are melting and deforestation is widespread across the world.

Adverse climate change can cause irreversible damage to our ecosystems and impact on billions of people around the world. 

Trees help fight the cruel effects of a changing climate.

To help reach the UK government's 2050 target to become carbon net zero – that’s removing as much carbon as we’re producing – we need more trees.

Play Badminton Club & Haydon School 

Planting trees to fight climate change

On Saturday 25th February 2023, a dedicated team of volunteers from the Club and staff members from Haydon School, planted 16 fruit trees on the School ground.

The fruit trees will help in many ways, including fighting climate change. 

They will also provide the school with a variety of fruits, which the school will use in providing meals for children.

Haydon School already has a well developed school garden producing a variety of vegetables. The fruit trees will be a welcome addition.

Thank you Club Members


A massive thank you to all the donors for the tree planting project. Without your generous donations we wouldn't have been able to do this project. A big shout out to: Gaurav Nanda, Jason White, Nazli Sodial, Nikul Sanghvi, Praful Nanda, Rajatbir Bhalla, Sachin Gaba, Sushma Rao, Vani Virmani, Bhavni Shah & Ashish Patani.


And, an equal massive thank you to all the volunteers: Harjot Kaur (and her son Agam), Gaurav Nanda, George Trout, Praful Nanda, Ruchi Haria, Vani Virmani (and her son Samarth), Bhavni Shah & Ashish Patani.


A special thank you to Beyhan and Pedro from Haydon School for all their support for this tree planting initiative.


In total, £640 was raised and 16 trees were planted at Haydon School.

Pictures from our Tree Planting

Huge thank you to all volunteers and donors for the tree planting project.