Ashish Patani

Level 2 Badminton England qualified coach

Badminton is a great way to stay healthy and make lots of new friends.

Our badminton training combines fitness training as well as intense badminton drills and tactical awareness teaching to help players develop their overall game.

These sessions are for beginners and intermediate players who want to improve their badminton game. We aim to provide some individual training guidance during the session to each player.

Drop us an email if you are interested in enrolling on our badminton training sessions.

Important requirements

All players are expected to come dressed in sportswear appropriately for badminton with non-marking shoes. 

You must bring your own badminton racquet, we will provide the shuttles.

Please bring a water bottle with you as staying hydrated is important when doing any form of exercise.

You will also be asked to complete a fitness declaration form at your first session, as these sessions will be high intensity training and you should only sign-up after having consulted your doctor (if required).


Training sessions designed to help develop your game

(Note: pre-booking is required for attendance)

Typical 10-week training course includes

  • Basics of badminton & court etiquette

  • Core fitness & warm up / cool downs

  • Basic grips & serving

  • Serving master class

  • Body position and drills

  • Developing forehand & backhand shots

  • Developing net shots

  • Playing from rear of court

  • Tactical awareness and movement

  • Singles and doubles games strategies


    To get the best out of training and developing your badminton skills, we do not offer ad hoc training sessions.

    We encourage players to sign-up for at least a block of 10 sessions, to help develop their overall badminton fitness and skills.

    Individual 1-2-1 training prices are determined based on venue court hire costs and coaching fee of £25 per session. Each session is two hours.

    To see all session fee details, click here.


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