Welcoming new members!

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Our induction session are an opportunity for potential new members to learn about the club, get a quick assessment of their badminton ability from a qualified Level 2 Badminton England coach, and sign-up for sessions to play at the club on the regular basis.

All new members are required to attend an induction session before they can join the club on a regular basis.

Our next adult (18+) induction session is as follows.

Sunday 15th October 2023

11.30am to 1.30pm

Bentley Wood High School,

Clamp Hill, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 3JW

Cost: Free


What to expect at an induction session?

Our induction session is designed to provide information to potential new members about our club and for them to ask questions.

Club Briefing

We are a large club, playing six days a week with over 150 regular players. So there are few guidelines which all members are expected to follow. At induction, we provide a quick run through the key guidelines and there if opportunity for Q&A.

Quick assessment

We run sessions catering for beginner to advance level. Sessions are assigned based on ability. At the induction, we do a quick assessment of player abilities to ensure the most appropriate session is identified. Assessment is done by a Level 2 Badminton England coach.

Play Badminton

There will be plenty of time to play a few games of badminton during induction, so make sure you come dressed to play with non-marking court shoes. Bring plenty of water to keep hydrated during the session.

Book sessions

At the end of the induction session, new members will have an opportunity to book in regular sessions (subject to space available).

Important note

Our induction sessions are active sessions!

Our induction sessions are physically demanding, so be ready to play badminton and undertaken physical exercise!

Attendees are advised to come ready in appropriate sports wear and wear non-marking courts shoes.

Players should bring their own racquets and we will provide synthetic shuttles to play with. Please note we do not play with natural feather shuttles.

Please bring plenty of water with you to stay hydrated during the session.

If you are not wearing appropriate sports wear and/or non-marking court shoes, we may deny you entry into the induction session.

Register for induction session

Induction session

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Please confirm you would like to attend our induction session.

Optional statistical purpose questions

These questions are optional but greatly help monitor our Club's diversity and inclusion performance, if you choose to complete the questions.
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Please confirm you are fit & healthy to undertake physical exercises and/or have consulted your doctor prior to taking part in these sessions.
If NO, you may not be allocated space at any badminton sessions.
Please confirm that by registering your interest for badminton sessions, you agree to follow all club rules, including all healthy & safety rules.
If NO, you will not be able to play at club sessions.