Badminton racquet re-stringing services

Why does string tension matter?

Essentially, the string tension will affect the kind of shots which can be players. In general, higher tension will give you more power in your shots, but you will need to have better control over your shots. Hence, advance players with greater control over their shots have higher string tension. The following is a rough guide for string tension.

Beginners: 20lbs - 22lbs.

Intermediate player: 22lbs. - 24 lbs.

Advanced Player: 24lbs and above.

Please note that your racquet frame may impact upon the string tension which is possible, without damaging the racquet frame. For example, if your racquet frame is designed for max tension of 24 lbs, you should not exceed this limit, as a higher tension can snap the racquet frame during play.

How does it work & how much?

Exclusive for Play Badminton Club Members

If you break a string on your racquet, please get in touch with us.

Drop off your racquet as arranged with us, usually at one of our sessions.

We will re-string your racquet at the recommended string tension as per the racquet frame.

We will let you know once the racquet is re-strung (usually within a few days).

Collect your racquet as arranged with us, usually at one of our sessions.

Make payment for racquet re-strung service.

Get in touch

Call or email us to arrange racquet re-stringing.