Children's Badminton


Play Badminton Club is pleased to offer Children’s Badminton Training for those aged 8 years to 17 years.

These sessions are aimed at beginner and intermediate level children to play in a friendly, fun, safe and positive environment.

The session is led by a DBS checked Badminton England Level 2 coach.

Our Club Welfare Officers are Ashish Patani & Bhavni Shah, see poster for full details.

Due to demand, pre-registration and confirmation of space is required before you attend.

Contact: Ashish on 07708 753 510 or email

Age group: 8 years to 14 years

About the session

These sessions are aimed at children who are beginners and intermediate level.

These sessions focus on developing basic badminton skills, such as footwork, shot selection and development, tactical awareness.

The sessions will include warm-ups, badminton drills, single and doubles games and cool-downs.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the session to help their children and also learn a few badminton tips themselves!

Session details

When: Sunday morning 9.30am to 11.30am (starting 15th Jan)

Where: Bentley Wood High School, Clamp Hill, Stanmore, HA7 3JW

Cost: £90 for 10 sessions (played within 3 months)

Age group: 15 years to 17 years

About the session

These sessions are aimed at older teenagers who are already able to play long rallies in doubles and singles games.

Please note, at the first session we will access player abilities, and advice accordingly. Only players meeting a certain standard of play will qualify for these session.

These sessions focus on playing lots of matches with coaching provided to refine development areas.

The sessions will include warm-ups, badminton drills, single and doubles games and cool-downs.

Session details

When: Thursday evenings 6pm to 8pm (starting 12th Jan)

Where: Haydon School, Wiltshire Lane, Pinner, HA5 2LX

Cost: £90 for 10 sessions (played within 3 months)

Important note

All players are expected to come dressed appropriately for badminton with non-marking shoes.

Players should bring their own racquets and we will provide synthetic shuttles to play with. Please note we do not play with natural feather shuttles.

Please bring a water bottle with you as staying hydrated is important when doing any form of exercise.

Code of Conduct for Junior Players

We expect all our junior club members to adhere to the following Code of Conduct, outlined by Badminton England.

  • I will have fun, act in a safe manner and encourage those around me to do the same
  • I will always respect those around me including team-mates, opponents, coaches and officials
  • I will be honest and play fairly in everything I do and never deliberately cheat or be dishonest
  • I will accept officials’ decisions without question or complaint
  • I will arrive for training and competition on time and will inform someone if I am unable to attend or will be late
  • I will listen carefully when spoken to and act as directed where appropriate
  • I will use the correct equipment for the sport and will look after it to the best of my ability
  • I will never upset those around me or keep quiet if someone else is being upset
  • I will congratulate all participants on their performance regardless of the game’s outcome
  • I will give my opponents a hand if they need it and accept apologies from them when they are offered
  • I will always do my best and give 100% effort in whatever I do
  • As a young person taking part in sporting activities I recognise that I am an ambassador for my sport and others taking part in sport

Get in touch with us

If you are interested in Children's badminton for your child, please get in touch with us by mobile or email.