Club Policies

Session Fees

Current fees

We are not-for-profit badminton club, and our session fees are to cover the cost of venue hire, equipment (like shuttles) and accessories (like first aid kits) etc.

All fees are payable on demand by bank transfer as per payment details provided by the club organiser. All fees are non-refundable.

Fees are paid in advance and any sessions not used within 3 months will be lost. For example if you purchase a block of 10 sessions on 1 January, and only play 8 sessions by 31 March, no credit for 2 unused sessions will be carried over after 31 March. Your balance as at 31 March will be £0 and if you wish to play after 31 March you will be purchase another block of 10 sessions (played within 3 months). If you have played more than 10 sessions by 31 March, e.g. 12 sessions, you will need to do a top-up payment for the additional 2 sessions.

If payers do not pay fees in time, their membership may be suspended until any balance due is paid, and then only re-admitted into the club subject to spaces available.

Our sessions fees from 1st January 2024 are listed below. Please note that session fees may change during the year, if the venues increase their hire rates. This is not under our control.


All fees in £ per player     Fees £ Fees £
Quarter Payment deadline Sessions 90-mins session (Note 3) 120-mins session
1 Jan - 31 Mar 2024 31 Dec 2023 10 50 60
1 Apr - 30 Jun 2024 31 Mar 2024 10 50 60
1 Jul - 30 Sep 2024 30 June 2024 10 50 60
1 Oct - 31 Dec 2024 30 Sept 2024 10 50 60
Top-up rate (Note 1) 1 5 6
Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) rate (Note 2) 1 8 10

Note (1) Top-up rate is for regular members, i.e. those already paying quarterly fees in advance.

Note (2) This is for players who only want to play ad hoc, and subject to space can attend our sessions.

Note (3) Only applies to Tuesday evening session at St. Helen's 8.30pm to 10pm. All other sessions are 120-mins.


Children and Adult Training group sessions

For our training sessions, we keep allow a lower number of players per sessions to attend, to keep a lower player-to-coach ratio. Therefore, the fee are as follows. Rates are per term per player.

Training Payment deadline Term Sessions Fees £
Adult (Beginner group) 31 Dec 2023 Jan - Apr 2024 10 90
Adult (Intermediate group)  31 Dec 2023 Jan - Feb 2024 5 62.5
Kids (Tuesday group) 31 Dec 2023 Jan - Apr 2024 10 125
Kids (Sunday group) 31 Dec 2023 Jan - Apr 2024 10 125


Family sessions

Adult £6 per session and child (under 18 years) £4 per session. 

All children MUST be accompanied by an adult. Please note family sessions are playing only sessions (no coaching is provided).


Individual 1-2-1 training session

For those interested in 1-2-1 or small group (up to max. 4) our fees are £25 per hour (coaching fee) PLUS court hire fee per hour.

Note court hire fee can vary depending on location and time of booking.

These sessions are run by a qualified Badminton England Level 2 Coach.


Please note prices apply from 1st January 2024.