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Play Badminton Club is super excited to announce the formation of an adult club team that will eventually play other local and national clubs, and be part of an exciting new league for synthetic shuttles, Vegan Badminton.

The club team will be managed by a qualified Level 2 Badminton England coach. The team will comprise of selected club members meeting a very high standards of badminton play.

All club members are welcome to come to the club team try out, training and selection sessions.

In March & beginning of April we will be holding a series of Club Team try out, training and selection sessions. 

The cost of these sessions is same as our regular sessions, click here.


What to expect at a Club Team try out, training & selection session?

These club team session are designed to assess the overall fitness and playing standard of potential players wanting to joining the club team.

Club Team Updates

Formation of a Club Team is a first for the club in its eight year history. At these sessions there will be opportunity to provide update of Club Team developments and for Q&A from attendees.

Intense assessment

A key part of the club team try out session is the assessment of fitness and playing ability of potential team members as well as their overall fit into the team dynamics.

Play Badminton & Drills

We will play a few conditional games of badminton and do training drills, so attendees should come dressed to play with non-marking court shoes. Bring plenty of water to keep hydrated during the session.

Call back & Selection

We may call back some players additional, as required. Registering for these sessions does not guarantee space on the Club Team.

Enabling a sustainable future

Vegan Badminton is an exciting new initiative to form a league for clubs playing badminton with synthetic shuttle.

As a club we use synthetic shuttles at all our club sessions.

Traditionally Badminton is played with a feather shuttles which naturally entails harming animals to source the feathers. However, the growing trend towards sustainability means that Badminton is slowly adopting to using synthetic shuttles.

Badminton World Federation (BWF) has already approved the use of synthetic feather shuttlecocks at BWF International sanctioned tournaments of all levels in 2021. This a huge step away from using natural feather shuttles and helping ensure long-term sustainability. BWF found that synthetic feather shuttle could reduce shuttlecock usage up to 25 percent, providing a significant environmental and economic edge for badminton going forward.

The added benefit of this is that using synthetic shuttles means by default the game of Badminton is going vegan!

To learn more about types of shuttlecocks and why, click here.

More details about Vegan Badminton will be coming soon, so watch this space!

Important note

Our club team try out sessions are active sessions!

These sessions are open to existing adult (18+) club members only. You MUST have been a regular member of the Club as at 31 Dec 2022, to be eligible for membership of the Club Team (subject to selection).

All club members are welcome to try out for club team. However, club team spaces are limited and will demand a very high level of badminton ability.

These sessions are physically demanding, so be ready to play badminton and undertaken physical exercise!

Attendees are advised to come ready in appropriate sports wear and wear non-marking courts shoes.

Please bring plenty of water with you to stay hydrated during the session.

If you are not wearing appropriate sports wear and/or non-marking court shoes, we may deny you entry into the induction session.

If you are successful to secure a space on the club team, you will be required to undertake intense badminton & fitness training at least twice a week, and be available to play both at home venues and away venues against other clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?
Club Team try out, training and selection sessions cost same as regular club sessions, click here.
How big will the Club Team be?
We are looking for between 8 to 12 players for the Club Team, comprising of a mix of male and female players.
What will be the structure of the Club Team?
We will have men & women singles players, men & women doubles pairs, and mixed doubles pairs.
When will Club Team selection happen?
Team selection is an ongoing progress over March & April 2023. We are aiming to have a Club Team selected by end of April.
When will the first club matches be played?
We are looking at arranging some friendly matches with other clubs in April / May onwards.
When will the league matches start?
We are working towards September/October 2023 for the first league matches. This is subject to availability of other clubs. Updates will be provided in due course.
Will there be Club Team kits?
Yes, definitely.

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