Play Badminton Club Fitness Training

with Vanessa

Play Badminton Club is pleased to announce the next block of fitness training sessions which will focus improving strength, stamina, cardio and muscular endurance. The first block of sessions will run as follows:

Wednesday evenings from 9.10pm to 9.50pm (starting 11th Jan 2023)

St. Helen's Leisure Centre, Green Lane, Northwood, HA6 1AF

£10 per person per sessions (Minimum 5 sessions).

For adults only (18+ years of age) and minimum 5 session booking to get most benefit of these sessions.

Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is half Spanish and half Argentinian, who is a group exercise trainer with 5 years experience as a qualified fitness instructor. Vanessa has been in the fitness industry most of her life, training in martial arts to dance training. Now qualified in various disciplines from strength training, body conditioning to dance fitness, boxing and much more. Vanessa is motivated by discipline, focus and personal improvement. Her motto in life is ‘once you control your mind, you can control your body’

Circuit Training

The aim of the circuit training session is to improve strength, stamina, cardio and muscular endurance working on specific muscles.

Circuit training requires stamina, this is a short fast but focused training program. If you lack this you can only get better, where some exercises are done slower but more intensely.

The circuit is usually made up of 8 or 9 stations that depend on how many participants attend. At each station 2 people will work either together or individually.

Each station is 1 min long with no rest period until the entire circuit has been completed which takes up to 8 to 10 mins, only then you will have 1 min to rest until the circuit begins again.

There are 2 or 3 rounds in this training program. Don’t let the intensity of this class discourage you! It will be fun, and you are only in competition with yourself. Circuit training will also lift your mood.

Strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning allows athletes to strengthen supporting muscles, helps even out muscular imbalances. Increases mobility and range of movement ultimately correcting posture. You will learn new movements, enhance coordination skills and motor skills.

You will improve muscular strength and endurance as well as boosting overall health.

These classes can be challenging, but that’s the idea, to push you to your limits, your mind is generally more able than the body, but if we can combined your mental strength and your bodies physical strength, that connection is very power and helps you become stronger.


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