Club Competition 2023

Mon 2nd Oct to Sun 22nd Oct

Men's Singles and Doubles Competition


Welcome to the 2023 Play badminton Club Competition News feed.

Here you can get details of the Men's singles and doubles draws, match schedules and latest results.

Page last updated: 27 Sept 2023

Men's Knock-out stage results

MatchNotePlayersGame 1Game 2Game 3
80FinalAnish Hindocha2121
Ravi Shah57
79Play-offRajatbir Bhalla142721
Vibin Alageswaran212516
78Semi 2Anish Hindocha2121
Vibin Alageswaran79
77Semi 1Rajatbir Bhalla2013
Ravi Shah2221
76Qrt 4Ravi Shah2121
Jatin Savalia1516
75Qrt 3Vibin Alageswaran2122
Vardhaman Kumbhat620
74Qrt 2Anish Hindocha2121
Phillip Cogger74
73Qrt 1Rajatbir Bhalla2123
Alpesh Bhudia1121
MatchNotePlayersGame 1Game 2Game 3
64FinalPhillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaran2521
Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth2316
63Play-offAleem Sheikh & Joseph Basani2121
Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shah158
62Semi 2Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basani152113
Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth211521
61Semi 1Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaran2121
Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shah1511
60Qrt 4Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhalla916
Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basani2121
59Qrt 3Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth152121
Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shah211115
58Qrt 2Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda1515
Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shah2121
57Qrt 1Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaran2121
Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat811

Men's Results summary

No.Group APlayedWinsWin %pt. diff
1Rajatbir Bhalla88100%104
2Vibin Alageswaran8788%59
3Jatin Savalia8675%37
4Phillip Cogger8563%38
5Sachin Sheth8450%36
6Suraj Shah8338%12
7Chris Morley8225%20
8Roland Gomes8113%6
9Sachin Gaba800%0
No.Group BPlayedWinsWin %pt. diff
1Anish Hindocha66100%74
2Ravi Shah7686%88
3Vardhaman Kumbhat7343%21
4Alpesh Bhudia6350%35
5Thomson John6233%12
RAnkit Patel - player retried500%0
RAntony Thambiah - player retired6350%30
RHimesh Ladwa - player retired300%0
No.Group APlayedWinswin %Pt. diff
1Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaran66100%40
2Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda6467%19
3Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth6467%44
4Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhalla6350%13
5Jatin Savalia & Tapash Mukherjee6233%16
6Jason White & Ravi Shah6233%16
7Alpesh Bhudia & Parara Jega600%0
No.Group BPlayedWinswin %pt. diff
1Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basani66100%60
2Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shah6467%22
3Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shah6467%40
4Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat6350%25
5Chris Morley & Sanjeev Shah6350%41
6Sachin Gaba & Mark Goodman6117%3
7Paul Shefras & Pankaj Adatia600%0


In Men's singles, for Group B, please note the final rankings considered the following: Ravi played more games than Anish, both had same number of wins, but in the head-to-head Anish won, hence higher ranking. Similarly, Vradhaman played more games than Alpesh, both had the same number of wins, but in the head-to-head Vradhaman won, hence the higher ranking.

In Men's Doubles, where two teams have the same number of wins, the head-to-head results have been used to determine ranking.

Men's Results Breakdown

MatchPtsNameGroup ANamePts
117Chris Morleyvs.Jatin Savalia21
211Chris Morleyvs.Phillip Cogger21
314Chris Morleyvs.Rajatbir Bhalla21
421Chris Morleyvs.Roland Gomes11
510Chris Morleyvs.Sachin Sheth21
621Chris Morleyvs.Sachin Gaba11
718Chris Morleyvs.Suraj Shah21
813Chris Morleyvs.Vibin Alageswaran21
921Jatin Savaliavs.Phillip Cogger17
107Jatin Savaliavs.Rajatbir Bhalla21
1121Jatin Savaliavs.Roland Gomes10
1222Jatin Savaliavs.Sachin Sheth20
1321Jatin Savaliavs.Sachin Gaba7
1422Jatin Savaliavs.Suraj Shah20
1518Jatin Savaliavs.Vibin Alageswaran21
168Phillip Coggervs.Rajatbir Bhalla21
1721Phillip Coggervs.Roland Gomes11
1821Phillip Coggervs.Sachin Sheth19
1921Phillip Coggervs.Sachin Gaba9
2021Phillip Coggervs.Suraj Shah17
218Phillip Coggervs.Vibin Alageswaran21
2221Rajatbir Bhallavs.Roland Gomes5
2321Rajatbir Bhallavs.Sachin Sheth6
2421Rajatbir Bhallavs.Sachin Gaba3
2521Rajatbir Bhallavs.Suraj Shah6
2621Rajatbir Bhallavs.Vibin Alageswaran15
2713Roland Gomesvs.Sachin Sheth21
2821Roland Gomesvs.Sachin Gaba15
2914Roland Gomesvs.Suraj Shah21
3012Roland Gomesvs.Vibin Alageswaran21
3121Sachin Shethvs.Sachin Gaba17
3221Sachin Shethvs.Suraj Shah8
3313Sachin Shethvs.Vibin Alageswaran21
3419Sachin Gabavs.Suraj Shah21
3514Sachin Gabavs.Vibin Alageswaran21
3610Suraj Shahvs.Vibin Alageswaran21
MatchPtsNameGroup ANamePts
378Alpesh Bhudiavs.Anish Hindocha21
3821Alpesh Bhudiavs.Ankit Patel - player retired0
3921Alpesh Bhudiavs.Antony Thambiah - player retired2
4021Alpesh Bhudiavs.Himesh Ladwa9
4112Alpesh Bhudiavs.Ravi Shah21
4221Alpesh Bhudiavs.Thomson John17
4319Alpesh Bhudiavs.Vardhaman Kumbhat21
440Alpesh Bhudiavs.00
4521Anish Hindochavs.Ankit Patel5
4621Anish Hindochavs.Antony Thambiah12
4721Anish Hindochavs.Himesh Ladwa0
4821Anish Hindochavs.Ravi Shah13
4921Anish Hindochavs.Thomson John7
5021Anish Hindochavs.Vardhaman Kumbhat7
510Anish Hindochavs.00
528Ankit Patelvs.Antony Thambiah21
530Ankit Patel - player retiredvs.Himesh Ladwa21
541Ankit Patelvs.Ravi Shah21
5511Ankit Patelvs.Thomson John21
5612Ankit Patelvs.Vardhaman Kumbhat21
570Ankit Patelvs.00
580Antony Thambiah - player retiredvs.Himesh Ladwa21
5911Antony Thambiahvs.Ravi Shah21
6021Antony Thambiahvs.Thomson John6
6121Antony Thambiahvs.Vardhaman Kumbhat19
620Antony Thambiahvs.00
634Himesh Ladwavs.Ravi Shah21
640Himesh Ladwavs.Thomson John21
6511Himesh Ladwavs.Vardhaman Kumbhat21
660Himesh Ladwavs.00
6721Ravi Shahvs.Thomson John3
6821Ravi Shahvs.Vardhaman Kumbhat7
690Ravi Shahvs.00
7021Thomson Johnvs.Vardhaman Kumbhat19
710Thomson Johnvs.00
720Vardhaman Kumbhatvs.00
MatchPtsNameGroup ANamePts
17Alpesh Bhudia & Parara Jegavs.Jatin Savalia & Tapash Mukherjee21
212Alpesh Bhudia & Parara Jegavs.Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaran21
314Alpesh Bhudia & Parara Jegavs.Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhalla21
413Alpesh Bhudia & Parara Jegavs.Jason White & Ravi Shah21
511Alpesh Bhudia & Parara Jegavs.Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth21
615Alpesh Bhudia & Parara Jegavs.Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda21
7No Match
813Jatin Savalia & Tapash Mukherjeevs.Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaran21
919Jatin Savalia & Tapash Mukherjeevs.Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhalla21
1021Jatin Savalia & Tapash Mukherjeevs.Jason White & Ravi Shah19
1111Jatin Savalia & Tapash Mukherjeevs.Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth21
1215Jatin Savalia & Tapash Mukherjeevs.Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda21
13No Match
1421Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaranvs.Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhalla18
1521Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaranvs.Jason White & Ravi Shah17
1621Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaranvs.Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth19
1721Phillip Cogger & Vibin Alageswaranvs.Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda7
18No Match
1913Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhallavs.Jason White & Ravi Shah21
208Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhallavs.Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth21
2121Himesh Ladwa & Rajatbir Bhallavs.Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda17
22No Match
2310Jason White & Ravi Shahvs.Rishi Doshi & Sachin Sheth21
2416Jason White & Ravi Shahvs.Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda21
25No Match
2619Rishi Doshi & Sachin Shethvs.Nabil Freeman & Umesh Mudda21
27No Match
28No Match
MatchPtsNameGroup BNamePts
294Sachin Gaba & Mark Goodmanvs.Chris Morley & Sanjeev Shah21
304Sachin Gaba & Mark Goodmanvs.Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basani21
314Sachin Gaba & Mark Goodmanvs.Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shah21
3221Sachin Gaba & Mark Goodmanvs.Paul Shefras & Pankaj Adatia18
3317Sachin Gaba & Mark Goodmanvs.Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shah21
3416Sachin Gaba & Mark Goodmanvs.Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat21
35No Match
3614Chris Morley & Sanjeev Shahvs.Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basani21
3717Chris Morley & Sanjeev Shahvs.Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shah21
3821Chris Morley & Sanjeev Shahvs.Paul Shefras & Pankaj Adatia5
3921Chris Morley & Sanjeev Shahvs.Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shah13
4014Chris Morley & Sanjeev Shahvs.Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat21
41No Match
4221Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basanivs.Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shah14
4321Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basanivs.Paul Shefras & Pankaj Adatia6
4421Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basanivs.Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shah19
4521Aleem Sheikh & Joseph Basanivs.Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat9
46No Match
4721Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shahvs.Paul Shefras & Pankaj Adatia10
4819Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shahvs.Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shah21
4921Kishan Bhudia & Suraj Shahvs.Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat13
50No Match
518Paul Shefras & Pankaj Adatiavs.Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shah21
528Paul Shefras & Pankaj Adatiavs.Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat21
53No Match
5421Gaurav Sehgal & Runish Shahvs.Thomson John & Vardhaman Kumbhat18
55No Match
56No Match