Women's Competition 2023


Congratulations to our winners!

1st - Renna Bharania & Vibhuti Gandhi
2nd - Dipali Malde & Payal Shah
3rd - Anuja Shah & Rachel Hunter-King
4th - Daisy Yang & Rena Shah

and a huge well done to all 24 participants in the 2023 Women's Competition.

Results Tables

No.Group APlayedWinswin %Pt. diff
1Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shah5480%42
2Dipali Malde & Payal Shah5480%29
3Daisy Yang & Rena Shah5360%28
4Krithika Anand & Ayshea Azam5240%12
5Elizabeth Humble & Ritu Karamchandani5120%4
6Vani Pruthi Virmani & Fauzia Imam5120%3
No.Group BPlayedWinswin %pt. diff
1Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharania55100%74
2Bijal Shah & Charis Doggett5360%17
3Trisha Patel & Elouisa Bell5360%16
4Raksha Srinivas & Lizzie Thone5240%23
5Simone Zhao & Yasmin Haque5240%19
6Shivani Bhayani & Irene Tran500%0
MatchPtsNameGroup ANamePts
121Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shahvs.Dipali Malde & Payal Shah13
221Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shahvs.Vani Pruthi Virmani & Fauzia Imam12
321Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shahvs.Krithika Anand & Ayshea Azam13
417Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shahvs.Daisy Yang & Rena Shah21
521Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shahvs.Elizabeth Humble & Ritu Karamchandani4
621Dipali Malde & Payal Shahvs.Vani Pruthi Virmani & Fauzia Imam3
721Dipali Malde & Payal Shahvs.Krithika Anand & Ayshea Azam18
821Dipali Malde & Payal Shahvs.Daisy Yang & Rena Shah18
921Dipali Malde & Payal Shahvs.Elizabeth Humble & Ritu Karamchandani16
1021Vani Pruthi Virmani & Fauzia Imamvs.Krithika Anand & Ayshea Azam18
1111Vani Pruthi Virmani & Fauzia Imamvs.Daisy Yang & Rena Shah21
1217Vani Pruthi Virmani & Fauzia Imamvs.Elizabeth Humble & Ritu Karamchandani21
1322Krithika Anand & Ayshea Azamvs.Daisy Yang & Rena Shah20
1421Krithika Anand & Ayshea Azamvs.Elizabeth Humble & Ritu Karamchandani11
1521Daisy Yang & Rena Shahvs.Elizabeth Humble & Ritu Karamchandani7
MatchPtsNameGroup BNamePts
1621Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharaniavs.Bijal Shah & Charis Doggett10
1721Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharaniavs.Trisha Patel & Elouisa Bell5
1821Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharaniavs.Shivani Bhayani & Irene Tran4
1921Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharaniavs.Raksha Srinivas & Lizzie Thone7
2021Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharaniavs.Simone Zhao & Yasmin Haque5
2121Bijal Shah & Charis Doggettvs.Trisha Patel & Elouisa Bell17
2221Bijal Shah & Charis Doggettvs.Shivani Bhayani & Irene Tran14
2321Bijal Shah & Charis Doggettvs.Raksha Srinivas & Lizzie Thone15
2419Bijal Shah & Charis Doggettvs.Simone Zhao & Yasmin Haque21
2521Trisha Patel & Elouisa Bellvs.Shivani Bhayani & Irene Tran12
2621Trisha Patel & Elouisa Bellvs.Raksha Srinivas & Lizzie Thone16
2721Trisha Patel & Elouisa Bellvs.Simone Zhao & Yasmin Haque19
288Shivani Bhayani & Irene Tranvs.Raksha Srinivas & Lizzie Thone21
294Shivani Bhayani & Irene Tranvs.Simone Zhao & Yasmin Haque21
3021Raksha Srinivas & Lizzie Thonevs.Simone Zhao & Yasmin Haque11
MatchNotePlayersGame 1Game 2Game 3
38FinalVibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharania21210
Dipali Malde & Payal Shah1270
37Play-offDaisy Yang & Rena Shah1290
Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shah21210
36Semi 2Dipali Malde & Payal Shah211621
Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shah162113
35Semi 1Daisy Yang & Rena Shah760
Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharania21210
34Qrt 4Krithika Anand & Ayshea Azam9200
Vibhuti Gandhi & Renna Bharania21220
33Qrt 3Daisy Yang & Rena Shah21210
Bijal Shah & Charis Doggett13120
32Qrt 2Dipali Malde & Payal Shah21210
Elouisa Bell & Shreeya Gorasia770
31Qrt 1Rachel Hunter-King & Anuja Shah211121
Raksha Srinivas & Lizzie Thone15218

Competition Guidelines

Dates: Tue 31 Oct 8pm to 10pm; Tue 7 Nov 8pm to 10pm; Tue 14 Nov 8pm to 10pm and Sun 19 Nov 11.30am to 1.30pm

Venue: All Tuesday at St. Helens & Haydon School and Sunday Grand Final at Bentley Wood

Normal badminton doubles game rules will apply to all games

You will be assigned a playing partner through a random draw which will take place before Friday 27th October (or as advised by the club organisers).

Round 1 will comprise of teams playing one match best of 1 game against other teams in the same group. The total number of groups will depend on the total number of competition entrants. Teams will be ranked by the number of wins. In the event of a tie, first the head-to-head results and then points differences will be considered to determine places in the group. Four teams will progress to the Quarter-Final stage from each group.

Quarters, Semis, Third place playoff and Doubles Grand Final will be best of 3 games (knock-out stage).

Please ONLY enter doubles competition if you can play on the dates. If you or your partner (once assigned) are not able to play on the dates required, please inform us ASAP so that we can re-assign playing partners (if possible). If not possible, you will forfeit your match and not progress any further in the competition.

To hold a viable competition, we require a minimum of 16 players, to make 8 doubles teams.

If there is more interest than places, we may hold a preliminary qualification round to determine places in the competition.

Competition is OPEN to all Women Club Members ONLY.

Deadline: Enter by 6pm on Friday 27th October 2023.