Teens complete their Foundation Level in Badminton

We are so proud of the teenagers (15 years to 17 years group) who recently completed their Foundation level course in badminton with Play Badminton Club. They will use it towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

This was a 10-week course which started at the beginning of the year and finished in April. The teenagers dedicated two-hours of training every week, learning the fundamentals of badminton, which included movement, grips, hitting techniques and much more.

They always started their sessions with warm-ups which then moved on to circuits, to get them to think about the importance of using these as part of their movement on court. All players learned different footwork, techniques, shots, hand-to-eye coordination which they applied and practiced at the sessions, progressing every time.

We had provided them with activity log forms to help keep track of what they had trained on each week, so they could review and practice outside of the training sessions. As a finale to their course and a way to bring everything they had learned together, we asked them to demonstrate specific movements and shots to our younger players (age group 8 years to 14 years).

The teenagers did well in their demonstrations as the younger children were listening and interacting, and most importantly able to show what they had just learned. Of course, there was no better way to end the session than with some fun games between them all.

Well done and congratulations to our wonderful teens: Aarna, Ankit, Isabel, Jiya, Radhika, Saanvi.