Badminton Physio

Play Badminton Club held a special badminton physio session for our members on Tuesday 15 August 2023 in partnership with Rushabh Savla of R&D Physio.

We were keen to host this session, as like many sports there are risks of injuries playing badminton, mainly to the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows and eyes. This is mainly because players don’t warm up properly or have poor movement on court and not using the correct technique. We often have members getting in touch about some pain or injury they are experiencing. Our aim was for members to meet a professional who can explain what they can try to incorporate as part of their warm-ups and post injury recovery.

It was great to see so many of our members attend to hear and learn how best to manage, prevent and perform through injuries. Rushabh demonstrated some warm-up drills and strength movements and got everyone involved, making it an informed and interactive experience.

The floor was opened to questions from attendees, where some members spoke of the injuries they were experiencing and asked what they could do. He showed and explained some simple but effective exercises members could try at home or in the gym.

We also had a brief injury clinic, where members were able to speak to Rushabh one-to-one about their injuries or niggles.

Badminton has many health benefits including mental wellbeing, but like all sports it should be practiced safely.

What the physio workshop covered

  • Play Badminton (for a short while)

  • Demo of effective warm up drills

  • Info around strength programmes

  • Injury clinic - see an expect physiotherapists about your injury concerns

    About R&D Physio

    Rushabh Savla & his team of Physiotherapists have extensive experience and knowledge with sporting injuries, both personally and in their own careers. They have worked at an elite level with professional athletes and sporting organisations, successfully rehabilitating clients across the UK. All the talented physiotherapists at R&D are dedicated to getting your body healthy and back on the field.

    Please note, Play Badminton Club receives NO commission or fees from R&D Physio.

    Pictures from special Badminton Physio session on Tue 15th Aug 2023

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