Play Badminton Club Team News

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Play Badminton Club is super excited to announce the formation of an adult club team that will eventually play other local and national clubs, and be part of an exciting new league for synthetic shuttles, Vegan Badminton.

The club team will be managed by a qualified Level 2 Badminton England coach. The team will comprise of selected club members meeting a very high standards of badminton play. All club members are welcome to come to the club team try out, training and selection sessions.

In 2023, we are hold a series of club friendly matches with other local clubs as a way of seeing how the Vegan Badminton League will work. In 2024, we expect to officially start playing in the Vegan Badminton League.

Match Schedule

Fixture Home   Away Date
1 PBC vs. Lord of the Strings Sun 3rd Dec
2 PBC vs. Stanmore Girls Tue 5th Dec
3 PBC vs. Northwood Shuttles Fri 8th Dec
4 PBC vs. Navnat Sun 10th Dec

Note: only Club Team players will be sent full details of each club match (time/venue, etc), as all Club Team matches are invite only.

Enabling a sustainable future

Vegan Badminton is an exciting new initiative to form a league for clubs playing badminton with synthetic shuttle.

As a club we use synthetic shuttles at all our club sessions.

Traditionally Badminton is played with a feather shuttles which naturally entails harming animals to source the feathers. However, the growing trend towards sustainability means that Badminton is slowly adopting to using synthetic shuttles.

Badminton World Federation (BWF) has already approved the use of synthetic feather shuttlecocks at BWF International sanctioned tournaments of all levels in 2021. This a huge step away from using natural feather shuttles and helping ensure long-term sustainability. BWF found that synthetic feather shuttle could reduce shuttlecock usage up to 25 percent, providing a significant environmental and economic edge for badminton going forward.

The added benefit of this is that using synthetic shuttles means by default the game of Badminton is going vegan!

To learn more about types of shuttlecocks and why, click here.

More details about Vegan Badminton will be coming soon, so watch this space!