Children's Competition 2024

Sunday 14th April 2024

Play Badminton Club held a children’s badminton competition on Sunday 14th April. We had 22 participants playing in two groups. Each group played round robin games to determine the group winners and runners-up. After which, each group runners-up played a match to determine third and forth places. The group winners then played a match best of three games in a grand final to determine the overall champions.

Thank you to all the children, their parents and volunteers who helped make this children’s competition a wonderful success.

We had very close matches and all children were giving it their all for every point. The sporting etiquette shown by all children was excellent and wonderful to see the support everyone was giving each other and their doubles partner during the whole competition.

We are really proud of all our children, and how they have performed in the competition. Their enthusiasm and mutual support for each other was excellent. Win or lose their positive energy made for a wonderful atmosphere at the competition.

~ Ashish & Bhavni